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Reletive in Togo (Africa) Родственник из Африки
Dear Okunev,
I am Barrister Umar Abubakar Esq. practicing in the state of Lome in Togo. I am the family lawyer to late Mr. Bernard Okunev who is from your country. I came to know you from the internet during my search for a reliable and reputable person that can handle matters maturely. Hence, I contacted you to claim the estate of my late client valued at US$9.5 million since you share the same last name.
My late client died suddenly with his entire family on 30th December 2006 while they were coming back from a concert in a ghastly road accident. Until his death, my late client was a supplier of chemicals to the Togo cement company and also an Oil contractor.
The bank where my deceased client operates an account here in Lome - Togo before his death has given my law firm a final mandate to locate any member or relative of the deceased so that the bank can transfer the funds deposited with them to his family before his account will be declared as unserviceable and the funds returned into our government treasury as the law of our country implies.
I have tried my best to locate any member or extended family relation of my late client for all these past years but all my effort prove abortive. Now, I intend to present you to the bank as the next of kin to my late client since you bear the same last name with my deceased client. The bank will accept and approve any person that I present formally to them as the Next of kin to my late client since I am the family attorney to the deceased.
I will present all the necessary legal papers that will back up the claim that you are the next of kin/rightful beneficiary of the estate left by the deceased. Note, the whole process will not last more than 10 (ten) days with your cooperation. Consider this and get back to me only through my private e-mail, if you are interested. I will discuss details on how to proceed and what will be your benefits when I receive your positive reply.
Yours sincerely,
Umar Abubakar Esq.

Тот самый завод, где работал мой любимый дядя Бернард!!!

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В общем сегодня мне пришло письмо из Африки!!!???))) Пишет мне Умар Абубакар из Того: суть дела в том, что в Того умер мой однофамилец из России, он поставлял ингридиенты на одном (и единственном) из цементных заводов, и у него поднакопилось деньжат на 9.5 миллионов долларов. Как сам сейчас себе представляю, он с своей семьей погибает в инциденте по дороге домой с концерта. И вот добропочтенный эсквайр Умар Абубакар юрист умершего Бернарда Окунева!) решил определить все его деньги видимо мне как родственнику! Воспользоваться ли мне вызовом судьбы? откликнуться ли на зов предков Африки? поддержать общую жажду денег, таким образом попав в какую-нибудь ловушку?))

ха мне в чера ночью тоже самое пришло

Спасибо за статью. Мне тоже сегодня такое пришло писмецо. Решил его прогуглить... Спасибо. Я так и думал, что-то здесь не то. У меня правда не цементный завод, а подрядчик нефтяной компании. А там в Того и нефти то наверное нет.

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